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Extra Curricular Activities


There are many extra curricular events and opportunities available for children to take part in at Waldringfield.

Some clubs and activities take place during the lunchtime break and others are run after school.

Here is a list of the current clubs being run this term:



Sportsmanship and Teamwork Club (lunchtime)

Football Club (after school) 3.30-4.30pm = For children in KS1 and 2


Drop in Sports Club (lunchtime) - For children in Reception and KS1

Multiskills Club (after school) 3.30-4.30pm = For children in KS1 and 2


In addition to these weekly clubs, elected representatives from every class for the School Council and Eco Team meet on a regular basis, usually during the lunchtime break.

For more information about any extra-curricular opportunities, please contact the school office.

If a club has to be cancelled for any reason, parents will be contacted through ParentMail at the earliest possible opportunity. The teachers often make arrangements to reschedule lunchtime clubs that have to be cancelled.

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