The Proposed Partnership of 

Hollesley and Waldringfield Primary Schools 

Since September 2019 an interim executive headship arrangement has been in place between Hollesley and Waldringfield Primary Schools, sharing best practice and development opportunities. The arrangements have proved to be extremely effective and of benefit to all the children and the staff at both schools. 

As the partnership arrangements have been working well (despite an international pandemic), consideration has subsequently been given to the possibility of formalising the collaborative arrangements between both schools. Following detailed discussions between governors and Suffolk Local Authority, we are proposing to create a single governing board, this is known as a federation. 

Whilst both governing boards support the federation option, we will not make any final decision until we have heard your views. Therefore the purpose of this document, the presentation and FAQs is to explain more about the proposal and identify how you can contribute to the consultation. We would be grateful if you would read the information and let us know your views by completing the questionnaire on Parentmail. 

The governing boards see federation as a positive step in order for our two school communities to collaborate, enabling us to share good practice and providing an excellent curriculum, inspirational teaching and exciting learning underpinned by a single vision, ethos and values. Financial benefits are evident, linked to economies of scale so that each school, is able to maximise their individual budgets. 

It is important to note that we are not proposing that the schools merge; this is quite simply a “leadership and governance partnership”. As such, a number of key arrangements will remain unchanged, which includes each school’s: 

 Premises 

 Admission arrangements 

 Name 

 Uniform 

 Funding 

 Identity 

Richard Jesty and Colin Chaplin