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The staff at Waldringfield Primary School are regularly asked questions by parents and the school community on a variety of matters. This page has been designed to answer some of the more common questions that we are asked.

When does school start?

See the COVID-19 Return to school document for our staggered start times 

School starts at 8.45am.

If your child arrives after this time, they are late and this is formally recorded as such.

You are free to drop off your child from 8.35am (when the gate opens) and children can go straight into class to begin some early work activities.

We also offer a Breakfast Club from 8.00am. You can book a place at Breakfast club for just £5 per day!

When does school end?

School finishes at 3.20pm.

Do you have any after school provision?


We run our own after school club called WOOSH (Waldringfield Out Of School Hours). You can book a place at WOOSH for the following prices:

  • £6 from 3.20pm to 4.30pm

  • £9 from 3.20pm to 6.00pm

  • £6 from the end of an extra-curricular club to 6.00pm

We offer several extra-curricular clubs and activities which run until 4.30pm. Check out the clubs page on the website for more details.

How much does a school dinner cost?

Children in Early Years and KS1 are entitled to a free school lunch.

Parents of children in KS2 can pay £2.30 per day for school dinners.

Please give plenty of notice (preferably two weeks) when planning lunch arrangements to allow the kitchen to order and prepare the appropriate amount of food.

What homework does my child get?

We provide homework every half term in the form of 'Takeaway Homework'. This means that your child is given a menu of tasks to complete over the course of a half term topic.

As children progress through the school, there is a higher expectation of the amount of homework to be done but children are free to pick and choose tasks that interest them.

Many of the homework activities are designed to reinforce the learning that has taken place in the classroom and involve writing, creativity and maths.

We give out weekly homework such as spellings to learn and we do encourage families to aspects of learning such as reading and times tables through daily conversations with children or during the journey to and from school.

My child has lost something at school. Where can I look?

If your child loses property at school, we are able to return it to them if the item is named. Staff and children regularly return lost property to the owner if it has a name in, causing no issue.

However, staff do come across items of property that have not been named. In these situations, we will endeavour to find the rightful owner by asking the children to help. When no claim is made, property is placed in the lost property basket, located in the Key Stage Two corridor.

We ask parents to check property to ensure that it is named and remember to refresh the name label after several washes.

When does my child change their reading book?

The children at Waldringfield read aloud to an adult in school every week. Some children require more support and will read with an adult more often than others. It is down to the teacher's assessment of reading and comprehension to make judgements on reading support and how often books are changed.

All children spend time within every school day reading in the classroom. This is independent reading. Some children are encouraged to write a book report at the end of a book.

Children take part in guided reading sessions every week. This is when an adult leads a small group of readers or a whole class, often involving comprehension discussion about a text.

Some children follow our school reading scheme, reading through 'stage books' of increasing complexity.

Other children, considered able readers, are known as 'free readers'. These children can choose books independent of the reading scheme. They can change their own book independently.

We have a lovely library in school. Children are allowed to choose and borrow a book from the library every week. They can only get a new book out if they have returned the previous book. The library runs a borrowing computer system so books are scanned in and out. If a child loses a book over time, we will ask for a contribution towards replacing the book.

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