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Working With Other Schools (FOSS)

Mrs Wood is the Headteacher of two schools, Waldringfield and Hollesley, so we work closely with Hollesley for staff training and CPD. We also share some policies and work together to enhance our curriculum.


Waldringfield Primary School works closely with four other local schools, Bealings, Bucklesham, Nacton and Martlesham Primary Academy.

Together we are a family of small schools (FOSS).

We share together in joint development, special activities and focus days and opportunities for the children to get together, particularly in Year 6 before the move to high school.


We collaborate in a variety of ways:

  • Our children share learning opportunities with joint projects and sporting competitions

  • Joint teaching observations occur between schools to improve classroom practice.

  • Our teachers regularly moderate and check the standard of children’s work in writing and maths across the schools to ensure standards are equally high and improving

  • Senior Leaders carry out reviews (mini-inspections) of the other schools to develop rigorous improvement strategies and support future development


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